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My name is Giselle, I am PlantAction’s founder. I started training for my first marathon back in 2011. Having always been athletic, me and my twin sister led pretty busy schedules that always included some form of exercise, but a marathon was a much larger challenge.

At about that same time, I was seeing many different specialists to help reduce my food intolerances, and namely gluten and dairy were common food groups I was recommended to stay away from.


While learning about my new dietary choices, I stumbled upon many books that promoted a plant-based lifestyle to reduce inflammation and improve my athletic performance. So I decided to gradually incorporate those foods and noticed a remarkable change in my energy level, especially as the miles were piling up towards the upcoming 26.2-mile race.

As a “certified foodie”, I struggled with not finding products on the market that were simultaneously plant-based, free of gluten, and tasty, so I started experimenting with various recipes I found on vegan food blogs, or on nonvegan blogs from which I would adapt tasty recipes and “veganize” them.


That’s how PlantAction was born: from the combined need to accommodate my dietary needs with my desire for delicious, gourmet-tasting foods, as long as these foods have the least amount of allergenic potential and the most anti-inflammatory properties.


PlantAction Foods has a mission to stay true to superior quality ingredients, fostering community and local partnerships, without compromising taste.


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