The best vegan omelette on the planet!


Before I became vegan, I’ve always enjoyed a beautiful, fluffy omelette.

Once I transitioned to a plant-based diet, I craved that consistency but couldn’t find anything on the market that truly resembled an egg omelette – or something that actually tasted good.

That’s how NOMelette was born – out of testing out different recipes and eventually creating our own blend of gluten-free flours and spices, leading up to the delicate, gourmet, egg-tasting crépe that you’re going to love!


Here’s the recipe and the video above that explains just how to do it ;)

Our beloved NOMelette:

By Chef Gigi at PlantAction



  • 5 exact Tbsp NOMelette mix (if you purchased the single bag, that’s it!)

  • 100 ml (a tiny bit less than ½ C) your choice of plant-based milk (we prefer almond or soy for this recipe) 

  • 2 tsp fresh – or dried – herbs of your choice. We love dill or thyme i.e. – optional

  • Pinch of garlic or onion powder – optional

  • Vegetables/cheese of your choice for the filling

  • 1-2 Tbsp olive oil or vegan butter for cooking 

  • A bowl and a whisk or a small jar and a ball wire whisk – best option – see video attached!

  • A TRUE nonstick pan – that will definitely make your NOMelette a success or an utter failure!

PlantAction NOMelette



  • Have all the veggies cut and ready to go, just like you would for a regular omelette.

  • Preheat a true nonstick pan to low-med temperature.

  • Transfer the contents of one single-serving NOMelette into a container.

  • Add the ball wire whisk, herbs, additional condiments you prefer (no salt necessary!!).

  • THEN add the milk of your choice – especially if you purchased our kit – the mason jar is pretty small and you’ll want to cover the mixture with the liquid (not the other way around) before you shake it up ;)

  • ***  Don’t worry about the pungent egg smell once you add the milk to the mix – that’s from the Kala Namak, and that’s an important component in your recipe –  it will dissipate in a couple minutes and what will be left is a delicate, egg-reminiscent aroma and taste ;)

  • Close the lid and shake it up! – using a bowl and whisk works too.

  • Add olive oil (or vegan butter) to the pan, making sure it’s nice and coated

  • Pour NOMelette mixture to the pan – it may help to take it off the heat for a few seconds until you get used to it – and quickly swirl the dough around, making the shape of a circle

  • Tuck the sides in a bit with a silicone spatula to make it even 

  • Set the timer to about 3 minutes – within about a minute, start adding your toppings to half of it – so that you can fold it over ;)

  • When you can run the spatula underneath, it’s cooked at the bottom.

  • Fold one half over the toppings, and put a lid over the pan, as to help the veggies warm a bit and the your cheese (or vegan cheese) melt a bit – about another minute

  • Adjust the temperature depending on the potency of your stove, as to not burn the NOMelette too soon.

  • Serve and Enjoy! ;)